The human body is the overarching theme that runs through my work, unravelled into the connection between emotions, sense and culture. In my opinion these elements are inextricably linked with each other, nevertheless the time we live in (society today) has turned their relationship unstable and therefore intriguing. My fascination for the human body and psyche lies in stimulating and visualising emotions in an abstract manner, with the higher purpose of creating a deeper connection with our surroundings, fellow human beings and our inner self. My work springs from my astonishment how ordinary and accepted it is to repress emotions and our overall daily numbness. We live in an individualised and digitalised fast-paced world that compels our soul to remain asleep. We are individually stuck in organised structures and daily routines, which translates to me as modern survival. My goal is to slow people down for a moment in their daily rush. I want to wake them up, confront them, open them up and eventually connect them. I express my emotions in my work, simultaneously confronting my viewers with their own emotions and feelings. This process gives me new insight into myself and also enables me to touch other people, ideally in ways that will lead them to open up and experience new things.

Based on cultural research, forecasting and inspired by these social and personal subjects I create multisensory installations. With my work I start a visual, experimental dialogue about re-balancing and re-valuing the power of connection where I embrace the vulnerability that comes with it, fading the thin line between the spectator and the object. The experience turns the spectator into a participating part of the work. The main focus lies in how humans perceive sensory stimulation, making the sensory experience an important point within’ my work. This approach is reflected in a various range of media such as modern-day technology in film and photography, combined with analogue techniques and tactility.


As a one (wo)man army I capture and tell stories from my point of view. Different elements of fashion, lifestyle, design and travel come together in this visual and abstract storytelling. I am foremost a conceptual artist instead of a traditional photographer and filmmaker. Representing the present vibe and focussing on visual details through conscious framing play a major role in the powerful and simplistic approach of my work. To tell a story, I capture moments and emotions that happen naturally. Therefore using natural available light is an important asset in my style. The strength of my work lies in capturing in a sensitive, minimalistic and aesthetical way what is already present, rather than directing. I am based in Amsterdam and available to travel worldwide to capture or visualise your personal or brand’s story.

Travel Ph.

Travelling is good for the soul, broadens the mind and it has always been an important part of my life. I believe strength lies in simplicity, therefore my travel photographs portray a strong focus on form and frame which I use to capture and represent my reality in a stylised and abstract manner. I love to tell visual stories and capture real moments, which are beautiful and touching because of their purity. Through my photographs I aim to capture organic abstraction that most people would easily fail to notice. I want my viewers to see the moments that they would normally overlook and therefore trigger them to look differently at everyday life and the world surrounding them. I believe there is an unfulfilled social need for this world’s beauty and I feel urged to share the beauty -that even exist in distressing situations- that come across my path during my travels around the world. I am always looking for the beauty in small details and ordinary situations and consciously leaving out what is unnecessary to tell my story and to represent a place, culture, citizens or a country through my eyes, without ever losing its authenticity.