Your smartphone is screaming for your attention. How many times have you looked at your phone’s screen today? There is a constant stream of new updates which make you feel connected with your friends, family and the rest of the world, 24 hours a day. Cut off from the outside world by your headset, you are focused on the screen of your smartphone and you know all the ins and outs of everything and everyone. How happy does this make you? How much does a digital message from you friend mean to you? Does it feel the same as an arm around your shoulder? Does a laughing emoji replace a contagious laugh or a ;) a sign of recognition?

When everyone hides in his own digital universe, real connection is hardly possible. Our mobile comfortzone keeps us from connecting with strangers, friends, the world around us and ourselves. We are here, but not here. We are not really present. Did you just see who walked past you? Maybe you missed out on a brief eye contact, a flirt or a smile.

This triptych video installation can be found on the city streets and challenges you to ‘unplug’ for a short moment and to stand still for a minute while plugging in your own headphone into the installation. There is nothing to lose. Just stand still for a moment in the daily flow of life and let yourself be inspired by image and sound. Disconnect to reconnect with SILENCE (stilte), SIMPLICITY (eenvoud) and DEVOTION (overgave).