Lisa Galesloot
The Netherlands

I am a conceptual image-maker, graduated cum laude in Lifestyle & Design (BA) from Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam. My study areas are photography, videography, forecasting, material research, conceptual design and graphic design.

My work springs from my astonishment at how ordinary and accepted it is to repress emotions. I express my emotions in my work, confronting my viewers with their own emotions and feelings. This process gives me new insight into myself and also enables me to touch other people, ideally in ways that will lead them to open up and experience new things.

My work presents my reality, in a stylized manner, using abstraction to give shape to my ideal vision. It focuses on emotions that are difficult to talk about, and on interconnections between people.

I find beauty in natural processes, materials, motion and the human body. I want my viewers to see (and feel) things that they would normally overlook. My work appeals to the senses by way of a range of media, including photography, film, fashion, and (often abstract) sound. At the same time, it is minimalistic and direct.



interview / vragenvuur: Lisa Galesloot

interview / sunday interview: Lisa Galesloot - translation by Jan Marcel


2008 - 2013
Willem de Kooning Art Academy, dept. Lifestyle & Design, Rotterdam.

Willem de Kooning Art Academy, preparatory course, Rotterdam.


October 2012 - February 2013
1883 Media Ltd. / 1883 magazine, London, UK.
[1883 is a global quarterly print magazine, on-going multimedia platform and lifestyle brand dedicated to showcasing the freshest emerging talent & ideas from the worlds of music, fashion, film, travel and arts.]

September 2012
We Are Useful / USED magazine, London, UK.
[creative agency providing art direction, advertising, branding, editorial design and publishing for the fashion industry]