dancers / lisa marie hennig-olsen
                  carmen castricum
                  anne kistemaker
                  sophie vrolijk


the tryptich WHOLEHEARTEDNESS is part of an installation which together presents my reality in a stylized manner, using abstraction to give shape to my vision. The three video’s have their individual meaning. When played together they complement each other in sound and image and form a unity to tell the whole story.

What happens when you isolate yourself from everything around you? How to handle the feelings of loneliness, the worthlessness and the insanity that comes with it? ESCAPISM is about the urge to run away, to flee and the desire to never come back again.

The importance of love, to accept yourself the way you are and the feelings of profound CONNECTION. Without these elements a struggle for dignity, a quest for purpose and meaning arises. “The ability to feel connected is the reason why we are here” – Brene Brown.

AUTHENTICITY is about self-acceptance, self-love and being able to show and give that to the world. It’s about the freedom to be your true self and to fully embrace your vulnerability. Let go and trust, infinite trust and keeping hope. Be aware of your self, your spirit and so find peace.